Yoga Class Descriptions

*YOGA FOR BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE  An all levels yoga with meditation in a quiet, nice setting at Waterville Valley Town Square.  

This class builds strength, balance and sensory awareness. We will refines standing postures, twists, long holds and exploring our edge.   Helen classes are all based in healing mind and body with intuition, safety and respect for common conditions.  Enjoy the soft music that is designed to be used with breath out in nature.  

WMAC program pass accepted.  

MODERATE FLOW YOGA is for students who are steady and comfortable in the standing poses, but are new to the Iyengar method, and are healthy, fit and without injury. Great for beginners, experienced beginners and intermediate. This class refines the Yoga asanas and introduces deeper backbends. We end the class with a deep restorative flow and meditation.  Moderate Flow class is every Sunday, WMAC, 9:00 – 10:15. WMAC program pass accepted.  

OPEN HIPS, OPEN HEART YOGA is for experienced beginners with common limitations and feelings of stiffness?  Have you ever wondered what props is right for you and what variation to use? Then OPEN HIPS, OPEN HEART YOGA is for you and it’s especially good for after-ski stretching.   Postures are mostly on the floor and emphasis of the practice will be on the deep connective tissues of the chest and hips. At the end, we’ll do a guided mindfulness meditation and you’ll receive skilled touch to enhance your practice and relaxation. This ongoing class starts December 26, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 – 5:45, Waterville Valley Town Square.  WMAC program pass accepted.  

Any physical exercise done with breath awareness becomes yoga; anything done without the breath is just a physical practice.
~Rajan Narayaran


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