Welcome to Yoga with Helen Rita

Have you had a long lapse from yoga and want to get back in yoga shape?  Are you an active person feeling restricted with common limitations and feelings of stiffness?  Are you stiff, restless, and need some self care? Are you a person that feels intimidated to come to yoga class because you think you’re not flexible enough?  Sound familiar?  

I help people like you feel better in their body, mind and life. Depending on what is required for each person, I work with individualized yoga, group classes, Thai yoga bodywork or mindfulness-based meditation.

The invitation is to exercise the body to access the innate wisdom within yourself, that can lead to more vitality and greater freedom on and off the mat.  

It’s all in the experience ………     

Yoga Tools

Allow your breath to support you 
Allow props to support you
Allow your great regulator do it’s good works
Bringing in more space in mind & body is just the beginning

Yoga Offerings

  • Yoga Classes in Waterville Valley Town Square, Tuesdays & Fridays, 9:00-10:15
  • Sunday Yoga at White Mountain Athletic Club, 9am
  • Personal & Customized Privates: Thai Yoga Bodywork, OneOnOne Yoga or Group Yoga Classes, Text or Leave Message 603-960-1470 

When we are engaged in the joy and challenge of building ourselves, we automatically serve the world rather than steal from it.

Our mind connects with breath.  Breath connects to the body.  Body communicates back to the body through breath.  Focus on breath for internal focus.  

Yoga classes at Town Square is a mindfulness movement flow.   ‘Open-Levels’ Vinyasa or Hatha styles.  Experience what’s it’s like to open, engage, align and expand.  At the end, relax in Savasana (rest pose) with Tibetan singing bowl and therapeutic sound.  All classes are beginner friendly.  For more information on Waterville Valley Town Square Yoga click here –> Waterville Valley Blog

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