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At one time, I was aimless and unsure about leaving a high paying, steady job that bored me.  I was ready for a new adventure. Before I came to Waterville Valley, NH,  I worked 21 years in Applications Development, IT Project Leadership, and Test Engineering in the Washington DC area.  Working in a wide range of wellness related services has been quite a growing experience for me since I moved to Waterville Valley 6 years ago.  Coming to the Valley is a change like no other. I spent summer vacations in Waterville Valley with my family over the years before moving here. Hiking in the mountains has always been a passion all my life. I’m a very earth-element person and I was ready for the great outdoors.  
This post is about my insights and experiences.  I had many bumps in the road after I moved here and I’ve learned being authentic is the way to happiness. I always wanted to be a yoga teacher so I poured my heart, soul and thousands of dollars into certifications, courses, workshops and retreats.  I have over 8 years of Yoga Teaching experience to create a one of a kind me.  Providing wellness related activities in a yoga studio is certainly new to Waterville Valley.   First, I taught yoga at White Mountain Athletic Club, and currently teach at the Waterville Valley Town Square Yoga, a studio I established three years ago. I teach at White Mountain Athletic Club on occasion.
It’s an advantage that I came from the Washington DC area where I had a lot of yoga teacher training available.  Since living in Waterville Valley, I fill my cup by traveling to exotic places for yoga workshops and teacher trainings.  I’m part of the Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness community where my sister lives in Essex, NY.  I visit Kripalu for workshops whenever time and money permits. 
To be successful you have to have a variety of niches. That is true everywhere. So, I got training in Pilates and Thai Yoga Bodywork.   Some people who come for pilates reformer personal training aren’t interested in yoga and people who come to yoga have no interest in pilates.  The same goes with meditation, Thai Yoga Bodywork, therapeutic sound and yoga chant.  Being open to other practices that I’m passionate about has expanded my client base.  I offer private sessions in pilates and bodywork therapy so that I can provide more to my clients.  
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