Winter is the Essence of Next Journey

I hope this next trip of the year around our sun bring more wonder into your world. The good news is that the days will grow long again. In the meantime, embodying joy will be a source of well-being. An underlying fear of joy and delight plagues much of the population. How can you beContinue reading “Winter is the Essence of Next Journey”

Waterville Valley Yoga Connects with Nature Outdoors

Deeply Retreat Yourself Outdoors In Person     *NEW* Starts Monday, June 20, 2022 – The Rey Culture Center Garden, 13 Noon Peak Rd. Waterville Valley, NH.  Only $15 Drop-in with Freedom Pass and Punch Cards Available Mondays 4:30-5:45pm Gentle Movement & Meditation Saturdays 9:00-10:15am Energizing Soft Flow Enjoy the great outdoors.  A low-key, openContinue reading “Waterville Valley Yoga Connects with Nature Outdoors”

Yoga in the Garden at Rey Center Cultural Garden

Outdoor Yoga Clear Your Mind, and Open Your Heart for an Immersive Yoga Experience.  Vibrational sound is used with Tibetan bowls and chimes during Savasana.     *  gentle breathing  *  subtle body movements  *  calm the mind  *  take a vacation from vacation View Yoga Schedule Contact Helen for Pilates Reformer Sessions, Thai YogaContinue reading “Yoga in the Garden at Rey Center Cultural Garden”

Sound Bath Meditation

How about a vibrational sound bath along with a guided meditation? A perfect opportunity to experience a deep state of relaxation. What are Tibetan Singing Bowls? For hundreds of years, Tibetans have practiced a form of sound healing and spiritual transformation leveraging a hand-made musical instrument known today as Tibetan Singing bowls. Traditionally, monks andContinue reading “Sound Bath Meditation”

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