Heartfelt Streamline Yoga by Helen

Helen’s yoga will help you become more subtle, go inward, that involves concentration, non-striving, deep listening and loving kindness to the self.  The first practice is for those who are dealing with tightness and pain in their knees, hips and back and the 2nd video is an all-levels flow.

Stillness + Movement  Practice 2/13/2022

The first video was recorded three days before knee surgery.  The demo is very limited due to injury but the practice is rich.  MBSR meditation is weaved throughout practice. This will increase concentration so that you can surrender in postures while softening challenging areas.  This is a combination of slow flow and static poses with prop modifications.

Start lying flat on your back with your legs spread out, and arms by your side, settle with your breath and listen to the video.  Enjoy!

Spring 2021, Gentle Flow

Start in a cross-leg seat, watch, listen, practice and enjoy.

Helen Rita
“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

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