Yoga Class Descriptions

MIND-BODY MOVEMENT   –   Explore the richness of the relationship between your mind and your body.  This class, based on Somatic principals, uses simple, gentle exercises to help restore optimal resting length and function to muscles that have become painfully tight due to stress, trauma, repetitive motions and/or unconscious habits.  Movements will be guided along with the opportunity to find your own movement vocabulary through basic structured patterns.   Awakening the senses and restore sensory motor awareness to the brain and muscular system.  Asanas will also be incorporated to further enhance flexibility, strength and balance for overall well-being.  This class beginner friendly and suitable for all.

RESTORATIVE – A perfect opportunity to experience a deep state of relaxation where the body can release and heal. Experience prop supported postures with long holds that reduce stress and bring flexibility and balance to the mind and body. Simply let go and surrender. Give your body the natural gift of rejuvenation. Blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps are optional, and you’ll receive personal assistance for set-up in restorative postures.  This class inspires all levels and adults.  

Helen is a Waterville Valley resident and specializes in Therapeutic Thai Yoga but do teach Vinyasa flow and prop-based restorative classes. She is yoga teacher certified through Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, Arlington VA and has many hours of additional specialized training. She studied under Tias Little, Prajna Yoga and other international eclectic renowned teachers. She studied yoga in the US and internationally in India, Guatemala, Mexico, and Canada. She has a Thai Yoga Essentials Certification through Lotus Palm School, Montreal, Quebec. She earned an Assessment-Based Certificate for Power Pilates Mat Teacher Training and the Reformer Instructor Training Levels 1 & II and mat Pilates by Balanced Body Education.

Any physical exercise done with breath awareness becomes yoga; anything done without the breath is just a physical practice.
~Rajan Narayaran

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Offers Vinyasa Classes with Mindfulness Meditation, Therapeutic Thai Yoga sessions, Pilates Apparatus Yoga Privates. Weddings and Outdoor Yoga.

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