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I offer Yoga Classes, Pilates Reformer Sessions, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Meditation and Sound Healing.  I offer private, semi-private, and small group sessions to fit the range of your needs. I offer in-person, virtual and yoga outdoors.   I offer poetry along with a mix of a variety of yoga teachings in my classes.

My Story

I believe that my diverse holistic background has offered me the wisdom and tools to become strong, motivated, and empathetic.

I discovered yoga in late 1990s. The first class I took was a Kundalini Yoga.  The yoga teacher was dressed in all white and wore a turban.  We did a lot of breath work, chanting, meditation and sat a long time in a cross-legged position for the majority of the class.  I felt like I was going in to hyperventilation with the breath-of-fire, and my left leg and left hip ached the whole time.  My foot kept falling asleep and I was experiencing discomfort.

Looking back, I’m not sure how I kept trying, because it was a little bit of torture to experience the physical and mental pain when I tried to “meditate.”  But, people I admired swore by this mediation thing and I was determined to find out what this magical “peaceful mind” was all about.

I went to Kundalini Yoga twice a week for about a year.  I gradually regained the sensation that I lost from my injury and that is where my yoga journey began.  If it weren’t for my injury in November 1995, I honestly don’t think I would feel as connected as I do today.  It has prompted me to investigate alternative therapies and it has opened me mentally and physically.  I enrolled in an in-depth yoga teacher training at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio in 2011 and registered with Yoga Alliance in 2012.

Attending a wilderness first aid class brought me to write this. We went over fracture care, sprains, strains, wound care and wilderness critical care and the memories of what happened to me 28 years ago keep creeping up in my mind.

28 years ago I was in an accident.  On a drizzly morning on my way to work, I hit in back of someone’s car at an intersection.  The first accident was a fender bender and no one was hurt.  I got out of the car to see if any damages were done to any of the cars.  As I was standing between the front of my car and the other driver’s bumper, another car hit behind my car and my left leg was completely crushed between my thigh and just below the knee.   This also caused an open-femur fracture and I went through intensive surgery for eight hours.  Luckily my knee cap was not crushed but it was bruised severely and everything else in the knee was shattered.

For a long time the healing slowed me down because I rejected where I am, therefore I pushed myself inappropriately.   I received yoga therapy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and personal training on a pilates reformer.  All these tools do promote structural alignment, but in particular, I recommend a personal yoga practice in conjunction with all of the available therapies.

The mind, body, and spirit changes over time, therefore, how we take care of ourselves will change too.  Yoga has helped me age more gracefully, maintaining strength, balance and openness.  A personalized yoga practice should have at its core this paradox of acceptance and change.  I get static with the same yoga over time and I find that it is helpful to go to a new teacher every now and then—even if you are a teacher yourself—someone who can look at you with fresh eyes and give feedback, new ideas and support.

After having a post traumatic degenerative left knee for all these years, I just recently had a total knee replacement and removal of surgical screws from 28 years ago. This experience has impacted on how I teach yoga & Pilates today in a very good way.

After my recent knee replacement, I started teaching again after 6 weeks online.  While still recovering,  I would talk people through the practice without demoing.  I only taught students that I knew well and I didn’t market my classes at that time.  This worked out very well because it took away the stress of meeting new students while I was recovering.  This had made me even more confident in my teaching.  Four months after knee replacement I was back with regular teaching and taking new students.

Yoga teacher training has shown me how to be involved in my own healing.  I’ve observed things in myself that I haven’t noticed before.  Typically, I am a person with a high energy level.  I give selflessly of my time and energy to others, frequently putting others’ needs before my own.  From an energetic expenditure perspective, the energy I have dramatically exceeds the energy returned.  This leaves my energetic body depleted over time until the physical body finally follows.  The stress causes indigestion and that has led me to conclude that major behavioral shifts must take place in me to reverse the flow of energy so a balance is achieved.  By practicing yoga that balance is achieved and my body’s ability to heal itself is enhanced.  If you do require some effort to measure your available energies, one’s personal yoga practice should bring in energy, not deplete energy by being overly stressful.

Understanding what’s happening inside you will help you heal and keep healthy.  The body is constantly adapting to its environment, experiencing an ever-changing chain of events. When one part of the body experiences a trauma, this complex set of interactions is altered once again, potentially leading to further injury and trauma in adjacent locations.


I provide a private setting provides a peaceful and intimate experience to ensure focus and connection to mind, body and soul.  My instructions are individualized, with adjustments made for age, experience, body type, physical condition, and medical problems. I look at a person as a whole.  Each person is unique depending on the proportion of the earth, fire, air and space, – forces that shape us (Ayurveda).

Everyone’s river is different.  Make yours one that moves silently.  The river will expand to meet the sea.  The rapids are the past, flowing slowing in to expansion.  It works the same way in us.  What arise in the emotional body can be worked through by becoming aware of your breath.  You can work through irritation, impatience and anger in small ways.  Notice what arises and allow the stillness come to you.

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