Pilates Studio in Waterville Valley

Helen Offers Pilates Workouts in Waterville Valley What is a Pilates reformer? For a private reformer session I start off with a short yoga flow to warm up the body before the Pilates Reformer session.  The client always can’t wait to get on the reformer when we are done with warmup.  It has a relaxing effectContinue reading “Pilates Studio in Waterville Valley”

Aimless Yogini Path in Waterville Valley

At one time, I was aimless and unsure about leaving a high paying, steady job that bored me.  I was ready for a new adventure. Before I came to Waterville Valley, NH,  I worked 21 years in Applications Development, IT Project Leadership, and Test Engineering in the Washington DC area.  Working in a wide range of wellness related servicesContinue reading “Aimless Yogini Path in Waterville Valley”

Pilates Reformer Sessions

Helen is now taking appointments for personal training on Pilates reformer.  Recover from injury or get in to shape by using a simple wooden frame, a movable carriage, springs, a footbar and adjustable leather straps. From leg presses to abdominals to arm work to standing work. Work on endurance, coordination, balance and strength.  Wondering howContinue reading “Pilates Reformer Sessions”

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