Heartfelt Streamline Yoga by Helen

Helen’s yoga will help you become more subtle, go inward, that involves concentration, non-striving, deep listening and loving kindness to the self.  The first practice is for those who are dealing with tightness and pain in their knees, hips and back and the 2nd video is an all-levels flow. Stillness + Movement  Practice 2/13/2022 TheContinue reading “Heartfelt Streamline Yoga by Helen”

Yoga in the Garden at Rey Center Cultural Garden

Outdoor Yoga Clear Your Mind, and Open Your Heart for an Immersive Yoga Experience.  Vibrational sound is used with Tibetan bowls and chimes during Savasana.     *  gentle breathing  *  subtle body movements  *  calm the mind  *  take a vacation from vacation View Yoga Schedule Contact Helen for Pilates Reformer Sessions, Thai YogaContinue reading “Yoga in the Garden at Rey Center Cultural Garden”

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