Yoga Tuesdays & Fridays and Saturdays, 4:30-5:45, Thursdays, 5-6:15 Town Square

If the mind isn’t clean, you’ll get caught living in the dullness of the ego by blocking the art of listening.

Waterville Valley Slow Yoga is Strong Yoga

Helen has studied under Tias Little, Prajna Yoga and other eclectic renowned teachers.

My Story

I discovered yoga in late 1990s.   I’ll never forget taking my first yoga class. It was Kundalini Yoga class.  The yoga teacher was dressed in all white and wore a turban.  We did a lot of breath work, chanting, meditation and sat a long time in a cross-legged position for the majority of the class.  I […]


Yoga with Helen Rita

Yoga Schedule for October 2019

Wellness starts within

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