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🎶 🌷🧘‍♂️ Getting students out of their heads in the great outdoors has been enjoyable and will continue as long as the weather permits.  Everyone is raving about how nice Waterville Valley is for outdoor yoga.  It doesn’t get any better with yoga classes at Osceola Arbor Gazebo and Brookside patio at Town Square.  Come join a yoga class every Friday and Sunday at 9am and Wednesdays at 8am. There is an awning at Brookside patio in case of rain..

Experience your healing potential by learning how to adapt your practice that best suit you. I teach with a progressive style, by suggesting how to change your position, how to use a prop or modify to what’s right for you.  If you want more intensity, I’ll show you.  And if you want less, I’ll show less.  With the thinking mind out of the way, (much easier in quiet nature), it’s easier to witness the breath to support the movement.

🎶 🌷🧘‍♂️ It seems like Covid-19 is still going strong and Zoom classes are a safe and accessible option for many of us.  I’ll be offering Yoga on Zoom, 8am every Monday starting this Monday, August 31.  We will start with subtle movements with breath awareness and slowly move into a strong, soft flow and end with relaxation.  Email helenyoga@roadrunner.com and I’ll reply with the link to class.

If you have questions or if you need anything, please call or text me at 603-960-1470 and leave a message.

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