Waterville Valley Outdoor Yoga Class

Maybe you are an active person looking for core building and body awareness.  Maybe need a customized, adaptable relief when injury or chronic pain impairs movement.  Did you know that there are different props for different folks?

Helen’s Classes are ‘Open-Levels’ of low impact Vinyasa or Hatha styles suitable for everyone – including those 55 years and up!  She also offers Restorative Classes that creates optimal conditions for balancing the nervous system and for allowing energy to flow and restore through Physical body, the Subtle Energy body, the Emotional body and the Mental Body.  Sound healing is used with Tibetan bowls and chimes. 

Helen teaches different styles and people with different backgrounds but what is consistent is that she is kind, committed and inspirational.

Helen also offers one-on-one Pilates apparatus assisted workouts for all abilities and fitness levels.

Contact Helen for Pilates Reformer Sessions, Thai Yoga Bodywork, One-On-One Yoga or Group Yoga Classes

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Offers Vinyasa Classes with Mindfulness Meditation, Therapeutic Thai Yoga sessions, Pilates Apparatus Yoga Privates. Weddings and Outdoor Yoga.

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