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Helen’s Pilates studio prioritize the individual client experience. The private setting provides a peaceful and intimate experience to ensure focus and connection to mind, body and soul. We prioritize alignment, so you gain postural awareness as you strengthen your body. The benefit of your Pilates experience starts on Day One.  

The reformer offers all the core-building tools plus more. The reformer is a versatile place of equipment that is movement-based that emphasizes the core.  No muscle group is over trained or under trained.  Using a simple wooden frame, a movable carriage, springs, a footbar and adjustable leather straps. From leg presses to abdominals to arm work to standing work.  Helen completed the Reformer Instructor Training by Balanced Body Education and teaches privates for over three years.

“In 10 sessions you will
feel different
In 20 sessions you will
look different
In 30 sessions you will
have a whole new body.
– Joseph Pilates

1 Session $65
5 Sessions $300
10 Sessions $580

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