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Welcome to Summer!  I’m here all Summer to assist you in your wellness.  Yoga will improve posture, calm hyperactivity, help digestion, and instilling a life long love for a practice that heals the mind and body.  Join me in weaving the blend of yoga along with meditation, fitness, pilates and living anatomy.   Summer Schedule: TUESDAYS, Slow Flow […]


If the mind isn’t clean, you’ll get caught living in the dullness of the ego by blocking the art of listening.

My Story

I discovered yoga in late 1990s.   I’ll never forget taking my first yoga class. It was Kundalini Yoga class.  The yoga teacher was dressed in all white and wore a turban.  We did a lot of breath work, chanting, meditation and sat a long time in a cross-legged position for the majority of the class.  I […]

Why Yoga In The Mountain Forest?

Blissful Inner-Reflection Yoga With Meditation On The Mountain


Yoga with Helen Rita

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